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The specialised field of exhibitions and trade show booths is the backbone of face to face business marketing. Through stellar exhibits, companies can connect with hundreds and thousands of people that eventually become their loyal customers. However, simply having an exhibit is not enough. To garner engaging audience, companies must show off their products and services through innovative and creative trade show displays.

Marketing teams in various companies are perfectly capable of doing this of course. But to pull off an effective and creative trade show display, companies often get help from experts like Last Minute Displays. If your company is on the lookout for the best trade show builder, then this might be the opportunity for you.

Is outsourcing the better choice? There are a lot of benefits from getting help from professionals who do it on a daily basis. Aside from freeing up time for your in-house marketing team to focus on the brand goals and objectives, outsourcing can also be a cost-effective solution that reaps hundred-fold advantages. Last Minute Displays can help you with that.

Why Choose Last Minute Displays?

Over the years, Last Minute Displays has earned the reputation of being a trusted name in the Australian exhibition services and industry. Our core operations lie in creative trade show displays and exhibits. We pride ourselves with a broad trade show design and building portfolio that spans from custom-built designs to immersive exhibit experience. We are also:

Backed by years of experience in the industry

With our skills and experience, we can create a dynamic representation of your products and services to capture and delight your audience. We understand how the industry works, which classic design elements are the most effective, which display type can be appropriate for your campaign, and many more.

Updated on the latest industry design and marketing trends

We understand how volatile design trends in the industry can be. Five years ago, wood grain surfaces might have wowed the audience, but the same thing might not induce the same effect today. We do our homework on the latest design trends to make sure that your booth looks fresh and timely as well.

This can be as simple as providing the Octanorm shell scheme to enable your products to shine, or to the extent of a custom-designed and fully immersive exhibit. With these elements in mind, we can deliver creative trade show displays that are effective and relevant.

Builders are matched to your company’s unique branding

Different companies have different branding and marketing strategies. As such, a company’s branding will always be specific to its marketing strategies, core values, and will have unique design features and aesthetics to consider.

Exhibits and trade shows are made to reflect those branding and core values to reach and connect with potential customers. We know how important this aspect is in creating exhibits and trade shows. This is why we make sure to match you with designers who specialise or have had experience in your specific niche.

Various options to choose from

Variety is the spice of life. That is why we give importance to developing and offering various options that you can freely customise. From modular designs to rental exhibits, we have a range of options for you to choose from. Whether you want a simple trade show stand design or a complex custom exhibit, we can cater to a broad number of design types.


Get the freedom to choose from any of these display or exhibit types:

When you work with Last Minute Displays, you can take control on how you want your final exhibit to look and feel. Take a glimpse at some of our examples here below.

Custom Exhibits

Our custom trade show exhibits are built by professional contractors using quality materials. These exhibits focus on your specific requirements and design preferences to ensure that your visions come to life. Face-to-face marketing becomes easier when you know you have full control over the design and feel of your exhibit. Test the limits of your imagination with these custom-built exhibits.

Modular Designs

Modular exhibits are built to suit various space restrictions. These are convertible to fit a big convention center and can also be folded up into nifty little booths whenever necessary. Set up these exhibits however you desire, add spice and variety into your exhibit with these modular designs.

Portable Displays

Exhibits doesn’t have to be big and bulky. The ones that you need might be something light enough to take around with you in any place that you need to be. If your goal is to generate more leads, then you must make sure that you can bring your exhibit around anywhere. That is where portable displays can come in handy.

Rental Exhibits

Tight on budget? You might want to consider rental exhibits first if you are not ready to commit investing in more pricey displays. These are the cost-effective solutions that are functional, yet highly customisable at the same time.

Other Accessories

With the right accessories, your exhibit can transform from a typical three-walled booth to a fully immersive and engaging experience. Take your audience to new heights and check out the accessories that can perfectly spruce up your booth. Engage your target market and build lasting relationships with the right tools by your side.

Take Trade Shows by Storm with Last Minute Displays!

Reap the rewards of effective marketing with the help of trade show displays and exhibits experts. We at Last Minute Displays, contrary to what the name might suggest, take our time learning about you and your business model so we can provide quality, robust, and effective exhibits that connects with audiences.

There is finally a solution to winning at trade shows. All you need are creative trade show displays and a team of professionals that can get the job done for you. Our services are available to businesses in any sectors including high-end retail, business to business events, and international conferences around Australia.

Embrace innovation and creativity with Last Minute Displays, your trusted trade show and exhibit solutions provider. Take the first step and get in touch. You may reach us at +61 433 308 711. Build with us today.


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